Teeth Grinding & Splints

Why do I sometimes wake up with a sore and stiff jaw?
You are Grinding! Many people grind their teeth while asleep.

Book a dental consultation in our Sydney CBD dental practice now, and Dr Eric Klein will develop a dental splint custom-fitted for you.

This is a common reaction to stress. Untreated, the signs and symptoms include pain and stiffness around the joint (next to your ear), clicking and popping sounds upon opening, limited jaw opening, and radiating muscular pain around the ear. This can lead to premature, irreversible wear in the Tempero-mandibular (jaw) joints, and eventually to arthritis. In all cases treatment (usually straightforward) should be sought.

From Our Dental Records

Ross is a busy executive in a stressful job. He grinds his teeth at night and has worn down his front teeth. He also has pain from his jaw joint.
2 full thickness porcelain crowns were placed on his front teeth, and composite resin used to restore the others. He now wears a grinding splint at night and his jaw problems are gone.

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