Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns and bridges are permanently fixed restorations made of porcelain. Book a dental consultation in our Sydney CBD dental practice now.

Crowns are porcelain caps which strengthen heavily filled or fragile teeth. They fit over the prepared tooth and look just like your own tooth.

If an implant can’t be placed, a bridge can usually replace a missing tooth. It is a restoration made of multiple crowns joined together into a single restoration, which spans or bridges the gap between two teeth, thus replacing a missing tooth.

From Our Dental Records

Brian lost two teeth to trauma many years ago. Two cantilevered 3-unit bridges were placed. He can still floss into the gap and he doesn’t have to struggle with his denture. NB: The upper teeth were restored by us previously. He was so happy, he wanted the lowers done also!

From Our Dental Records

A bad case of toothbrush abrasion. John had worn through the enamel of his front tooth exposing the yellow dentine beneath. This was becoming stained and unsightly. He also had an old metal backed crown on the next tooth. A porcelain veneer was placed over the front of the tooth and the old crown replaced by a full thickness porcelain crown.

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