Cosmetic Dentistry

The maintenance of healthy, comfortable disease free teeth has always been the objective of the dental profession. More and more, however, patients want to improve the appearance of their teeth. It is the realm of cosmetic dentistry.

It can be as simple as a course of tooth whitening to brighten the colour of your teeth.
Cosmetic dentistry can encompass any combination of crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, and tooth coloured fillings to improve just one or all of your teeth.

In all cases, a thorough treatment plan and examination is the best place to start when contemplating cosmetic dentistry.  Contact us for a dental consultation, and we will provide multiple cosmetic dentistry treatment options for you.

From Our Dental Records

Anne had two old metal backed crowns on her front teeth. These had been placed in her teenage years as a result of trauma. They were no longer in harmony with the rest of her teeth. A ‘gum lift’ was performed to give the margin a more appropriate contour and two new full thickness porcelain crowns placed.

From Our Dental Records

Sue had unsightly gaps between her teeth. Composite resin was used to shape the teeth and close the gaps. No injection was necessary and no tooth structure was destroyed.

From Our Dental Records

A bad case of toothbrush abrasion. John had worn through the enamel of his front tooth exposing the yellow dentine beneath. This was becoming stained and unsightly. He also had an old metal backed crown on the next tooth. A porcelain veneer was placed over the front of the tooth and the old crown replaced by a full thickness porcelain crown.

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