Children's Teeth

Children get their first teeth at 6 months of age, sometimes earlier. They start to get their adult teeth from the age of 6. A healthy diet including lots of fresh fluoridated tap water is the most important thing you can do to help their teeth stay strong.

Book a dental consultation in our Sydney CBD dental practice now, and be sure that your kids have a healthy mouth and strong teeth.

Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, some milk and dairy food, some carbohydrate and protein, and as little sugar and snack food as possible is good for their teeth as well as the rest of their developing bodies.

Avoid bottles full of sugary drink including milk, especially at bedtime. Fresh tap water is the best drink for young children.
Of course good oral hygiene is important. Like all good habits, tooth brushing is something that is best started as early as possible.

Let young children watch you brush your teeth. They will want to copy you and try it themselves so buy them a soft kids toothbrush to practice with. Even if they’re not too good initially, encourage them to brush along with you.

Don’t let them take the toothbrush out of the bathroom so it becomes another toy left lying around the house. Make tooth brushing a special time just before bedtime. In our house “Toilet, Teeth, Bed” is the nightly routine.

An important part of good oral hygiene is of course regular trips to the dentist,  Contact us for a dental consultation in our Sydney CBD dental practice now/

Routine dental visits should start at about 4 years of age. The first visit is usually little more than a familiarisation visit. We take the child for a ride in the chair, count their teeth, explain the importance of a good diet and give them basic oral hygiene instruction.

It is amazing how childhood dental experiences will stay with you forever, so we always strive to make this visit as happy an experience as possible.

Once a child starts school, routine visits every second school holidays are usually a good idea.
From the age of 6, adult teeth start to erupt. It is imperative a child is seen regularly during this mixed dentition stage. Developing problems can be treated early and preventive measures like fissure seals done.
From about the age of 10, an assessment can be made of crowding problems and orthodontic consultation considered.

At twelve or thirteen years, all baby teeth have fallen out and the child hopefully has a decay free healthy mouth, good diet and oral hygiene habits which will keep their teeth healthy for life.

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